Driven to change the status quo of healthcare.
Together with strong founders, we’re building our portfolio in digital health.

Reducept supports the treatment of chronic pain patients with virtual reality training.

Saar aan Huis is committed to bring the best commercial caregiving experience
to clients and their families.
Orikami delivers real world health outcomes services beyond the pill to make sure each individual patient is optimally served for with digital biomarkers.

The Clear Health Programma offers customers a data-driven personalised nutrition program.

The mission of Alii is to ensure that the latest scientific knowledge finds its way into medical practice as fast as possible.

MiGuide enables healthcare professionals to empower patients with chronic diseases with an digital lifestyle therapy.

Mental healthcare provider for employees. Direct access to certified psychologists to prevent absence.

MS sherpa is a medical device that monitors the course of symptoms related to MS. Medical specialists and patients can use it to gain insights to enable personalized healthcare.

Evidence-based digital therapies for people living with inflammatory conditions.
For improving quality of life and decreasing symptoms such as fatigue, pain, and anxiety.

Pharmi offers active digital medication care.
Interactive digital care after every first prescription.
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